About Us

Austin Lane is a technology company made up of people that are passionate about helping others. We are founded upon the premise of making a difference in other peoples’ lives through long-term relationships; and by building thoughtful solutions into our products and services. It is important to the leadership of Austin Lane that employee, client, and vendor relationships are healthy and strong. Austin Lane thrives as real people develop and implement creative and innovative ideas.

We have extensive knowledge about technology and how to leverage it to achieve your objectives. Our products and services are an extension of who we are and how we can help streamline your operations.

Our vision is fundamentally simple; we endeavor to help others excel.

Whether you have interest in our field force automation tools or managed network services, Austin Lane provides value.

Our services extend past words; they are expressed through integrity, character, and truth. We believe these attributes transform business transactions into true partnerships. Partnerships based on fundamental beliefs forge long term relationships.

We ask that you take a closer look at Austin Lane.

We are the right investment to successfully ...
  ... Extend Your Reach,
    ... Improve Your Productivity,
      ... Maximize Your Opportunity to Excel.

Austin Lane Managed IT Services

Comprehensive Data Management

Mobilize, integrate and manage key enterprise data into a single source.


Expert Certifications

Enterprise level experience working for your company - from servers to handhelds.



Connecting your business with mobile solutions for time and production tracking.